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CA Counselors sole purpose was the counselling of the students of CA. However, gradually because of the good response from students, we increase our domain of work and now doing a lot of things for the betterment of CA Students.

Study Material

CA Counsellors is the only platform where students from every field of finance specially CA Students can easily get study materials and video lectures of CA ICAP and other subjects for absolutely free.

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Our blog portion is the unique feature of our website from where you can keep yourself update relating different news relating exams or ICAP. New amendments in the field of finance and law & many many more.

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Study Materials

One of the largest group for CA ICAP students where you can access variety of study materials of every teachers

24/7 Counselling

Stuck anywhere and cant take decision of your own? Don’t worry, we are here for your counselling and guidance.

Online Test Systems

Test yourself with our online based examination system which is being monitored by qualified teachers of different institutes.

Video Lectures

Looking for video lectures is no more difficult task. Go through our database of video lectures collected from various different and popular institutes and teachers.

Students Teachers

CA Counsellors is a platform where different teachers and students meet together and resolve the queries pertaining to studies and training.

Complete Finance Website

A complete website focusing not only students of ICAP but of other qualifications pertaining to the of finance.

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  • Written Lectures
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  • Online Test System
  • Different Mocks
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About CA Counsellors

This a group for All CA students and Qualified CA‘s of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

All the members and students of ICAP are welcome here.

If any student is having any query regarding any subject of CA – ICAP, they will be entertained and appropriate counselling will be provided INSHA ALLAH.
Our objective is to guide towards the right direction for CA – ICAP examinations.

The members are advised to follow the conduct and feel free to ask their questions.

Following are the features of this website

  • Free Study Materials
  • Access to Video Lectures
  • Access to mocks from different teachers
  • 24/7 counselling
  • Availability of different teachers
  • Study Notes Relating PIPFA
  • Study Notes relating B.Com
  • ICAP Brand Ambassador
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Why to choose us

A group of qualified members and teachers with having a vast years of experience can guide more accurately and precisely than anyone else.

To make CA easy to study for each and every students.

To bring teachers and students more closer.

Providing a sole platform where students can resolve their each and every queries no matter relating to studies or practical training.

How to join us

Join our team

You can join us by requesting any of the admin of CA Counsellors.

We always welcome and willing to bring new members in our team.

You can also submit your writings to us in order to get them publish on our website

Our Team

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